Madam Glam Purple Winter Nails How To

Hello beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing my Madam Glam Purple Winter Nails how to with you. I just did this new set of nails last night after work. Whenever I do a full set of nails it takes me around two hours to prepare the nails, put the tips on, and then do nail polish. I am right hand dominant, and I find it easiest to put my nails on my right hand first, then do my left hand.

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How to DIY Gel Nails at Home

Before I start on my nails, I pull out my nail tip kit and make sure to properly size my full coverage tips. For this set of nails I used Kiara Sky Short Almond Tips. I prepped the inside of the nail tips with Apres Gel-X Prep, which etches the inside.

How To Create Madam Glam Purple Winter Nails

Purple Winter Nails
Taken outdoors in direct morning sunlight

I’ve slightly updated my application process since I made my How to DIY Gel Nails at Home video. The way I prep my nails now looks like this:

  1. I push my cuticles back with a cuticle pusher.
  2. File with a 180 grit manual nail file at the cuticle line gently.
  3. I use 100 grit manual nail file to remove shine from the rest of my nail.
  4. Take a dense fluffy brush to remove any dust from the nail plate.
  5. I clean up my cuticles with a nipper if necessary to remove any excess and make a nice curve at my cuticle line.
  6. Working one hand at a time until I get my tips on, I double dehydrate my right hand nail plates with 91% alcohol on a lint-free wipe.
  7. I double prime my nail plates (as my nails are naturally pretty oily I guess) with Orly Nail Tip Primer.
  8. Apply and carefully shape the cuticle line and nail with the thinnest coat possible of Orly Builder in a Bottle. I cure for 30 seconds.
  9. I apply a second layer of Orly Builder in a Bottle, again carefully shaping at the cuticle line, then I float a bead of Builder down the center of the nail to make a tiny apex on my flat nails. I cure for 30 seconds and do my thumb and pinky nails individually. The middle three I might do 2 together.
  10. Apply a bit of Orly Builder in a Bottle to the nail and to the inside of the full coverage tip by the cuticle. I carefully place the full coverage tip on my nail starting at the cuticle and working towards the tip. I make sure there are no air bubbles in it, and then I cure it in my little hand light for about 15 seconds, making sure to press the bottom of my finger firmly against the table and holding the tip in place to get the best fit.
  11. Once I get my right hand all done, I repeat the above process on my left hand.
  12. I switch to my e-file and use either the yellow or red ceramic nail bits to carefully file by my cuticle line to make the full coverage tips blend better with my natural nail. I do this on both hands.
  13. Lightly buff all the tips with the Orly Buffer.
  14. If I want to use regular polish, the next step I would do is to seal my nails with the iGel No Cleanse Top Coat.
  15. For this manicure, instead I did two thin coats of Madam Glam November Rain gel nail polish. I cured each coat for 60 seconds because it is a dark polish.
  16. I applied a thin coat of Madam Glam Cosmic Sparkle gel flakie topper. I cured it for 30 seconds.
  17. Apply the iGel No Cleanse Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds.
  18. I flip my nails over to do the underside with the iGel No Cleanse Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds.
  19. Wash my hands and dry them.
  20. I put on KBShimmer Tri-Level Cuticle Oil and massage that into my cuticle line.
  21. Finish by putting on KBShimmer Pink Sugar Body Lotion on the hands.

The Easiest Way to Remove Gel Nail Polish & Full Coverage Tips

I used to use acetone to remove my tips, but that is so damaging to my nails! I’ve found the absolute best way to remove my gel nail polish and full coverage gel nail tips. By ‘best way’, I mean least damaging, fastest, easiest method.

  1. I lightly hand file off the top coat on my nails. You can do e-file if you choose.
  2. Clip off the excess length of my full coverage tips.
  3. Work one hand at a time and apply a very thick coat of Madam Glam Gel Polish Remover to each nail.
  4. I set a timer for 10 minutes and wait patiently.
  5. At the end of 10 minutes, I use an orange stick to gently remove the tip.
  6. Repeat for the other hand.

This gets my nails off in 20 minutes without damaging the nail beds. I don’t have to worry about heat spikes with this method.

Madam Glam Purple Winter Nails

Purple Gel Nails How to Apply
I took this photo in front of my big sliding glass doors inside, with indirect sunlight.
Holographic Flakie Purple Gel Nail Polish
Taken indoors in front of a window.
Outdoor indirect sunlight purple gel mani
Outdoor indirect sunlight purple gel mani

The colors I used to create this magical Madam Glam Purple Winter Nails How To starts with November Rain. While Madam Glam describes this as a vintage inspired blue gel, to my eyes it is a deep, cool-toned purple with holographic sparkle. I used two coats of November Rain. I then applied a thin layer of Madam Glam Cosmic Sparkle. Cosmic Sparkle is described as a warm purple peacock gel. To my eyes Cosmic Sparkle is a warm pinky-purple orchid flakie that shifts colors.

Favorite Nail Places

One of my favorite places to look for nail inspiration on the internet is The Full Cover Nail Tips Support Group, ran by several of my friends. This is where I go when I need help figuring out problems, like my nails used to lift all the time by the cuticle until I changed my prep method. If you don’t wanna join a FB group, you can join us on the Phyrra’s Hex Squad Discord Server for nail and beauty chat!

When I am looking for gel nail polish, dip powder, chrome pens, glitter and more, I prefer to shop from either iGel Beauty or Madam Glam. Their polishes and top coats level nicely for me and they perform better for me than my Kiara Sky polishes. And I swear by the iGel Beauty No Cleanse Top Coat. Best ever!

When I’m looking for gorgeous regular polish I love KBShimmer, Baroness X, Mooncat (formerly Live Love Polish), Cupcake Polish or ILNP. I also sometimes enjoy picking up cute things from the Polish Pickup.

I tend to use my Kiara Sky Short tips the most. I do love the Apres Natural tips, but even the short length is extra long for me. I also really like my Daily Charme Ivory Medium Stilettos, though again I have to cut off a ton of length. With my current job, it’s very impractical for me to keep extra long nails, even if I love the look.

Final Thoughts

Madam Glam Purple Winter Nails How to

You can always tell when I’ve been swamped at work, because I don’t have a set of nails on. I love doing my nails, but when I get busy, it’s hard for me to find 2 hours of uninterrupted time to do them. Nyx & Amaya do not like .it when I do my nails because they know it means they won’t get attention for a bit.

I absolutely love my new Madam Glam Purple Winter Nails manicure! This color combo catches the light in such a pretty way. I’ve been doing my own nails at home now for over a year, and I improve with every set I do. I love to do my nails myself! Have you tried doing your nails at home? Having any problems? Let me know in the comments so I can help!

What do you think of my Madam Glam Purple Winter Nails how to?

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